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BECAUSE YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE This compound entirely away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world; for he like a quiet oasis full of trees and peaceful waterways in order to provide what you was bargained for such as: a peaceful life and a classy lifestyle Our location on map I City is a place that is full of life, in order to create new memories for the modern family that will become the new nostalgia of the next generation

«ماونتن فيو» تطلق مرحلة «لاجون بيتش بارك» الجديدة من مشروع «آي سيتي»

This modern architecture reflects the rapid technological progress that is happening today.

ماونتن فيو للتطوير العقاري
تعرف علي أهم تفاصيل سكالا ماونتن فيو Skala Mountain View
No matter what you bargained for in your home, I City have your dream home where every detail is designed carefully and placed in all the international experience
ماونتن فيو لاجون mountain view lagoon
YOUR RESIDENCE I City was designed to form A diverse range of architectural style, thereby creating a dynamic design varying from the grand and elegant Royal architecture, we have the signature of American architecture in terms of open forehand wide yards and the roof of blue tiles
Club Park is a wonderful area to encourage you and your kids to do sports and live a healthy and fun way 000• In addition to the dedicated courts for sports games , and a very active Corniche provider track for jogging and it has a spectator seats
250 Central park It offers a full range of activities and experiences, so you can enjoy the calm by watching and practicing yoga classes, and watch your children at play and relaxation areas in the shade while you look for landscapes that attract your eyes, and eat in The Park Restaurants, or walk with your own pet in the garden, or join Friends of a morning stroll on walkways that criss-cross the vastness of Central Park

كمبوند ماونتن فيو أي سيتي


شقق للبيع في ماونتن فيو هايد بارك
I City providing you a full range of sports and outdoor activities
اهم مشاريع ماونتن فيو التجمع الخامس
The project was under the formation of six special zones with amazing individual character regarding their unique architectural and open space theme
icity mountain view