Miami Beach
MacNamara: You know something? MacNamara: In the subway? They send us cigars, we send them rockets Macnamara: I'll put my secretary right to work on it

One, Two, Three

Schlemmer: No, after that, when I was drafted.

واحد، اثنين، ثلاثة
Mishkin: I vote yes
قصيدة واحد اثنين ثلاثه
She's that blond lady? MacNamara: Cigarette? Peripetchikoff: Here, take one of these
كلمات ترنيمة واحد إتنين تلاتة، بعد تلات أيام
Hm, 'Made in Havana'
Peripetchikoff: [after conferring with the others] You will send papers to East Berlin with blond lady in triplicate It shines, but it stinks! Peripetchikoff: I vote yes
I am undercover agent assigned to watch you Macnamara: You want the papers in triplicate, or the blond in triplicate? Macnamara: That's the one

One, Two, Three

Venus! Otto: [bursts into room wearing boxers, shirt, tie and morning coat] I'm going to like this job! Borodenko: When will papers be ready? Macnamara: Good thinking.

واحد / ثلاثه / أربعه / خمسه / اثنين
Are we going to accept this blackmailing capitalist's deal? Last line in movie as MacNamara finds a Pepsi-Cola in the Coke machine
واحد، اثنين، ثلاثة
Schlemmer: He was my commanding officer
واحد، اثنين، ثلاثة
Russia is to get out of, not to get into! MacNamara: You've defected? Macnamara: Thanks