And belong to the sun a star of average size to a galaxy called the Milky Way, this galaxy has a pancake flat, and her emergence in the middle of the sun and nine planets — including Earth — are located in the flat part of the galaxy is going will go goes 12
Sizes of the stars Celestial stars are huge The word photography in English : Photography derived from the Greek, meaning to draw or

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I never drive more than 80 kilometers an hour
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It also offers you some of the types and characteristics of foods that should be Taatnaoloha permanently from now on because of the materials, anti-aging and cancer and heart problems
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has written will have written will be writing 59
And the sun is not only a medium-sized star, a hundred times larger than the diameter of the Earth themselves himself ourselves 41
Such stars have a diameter of about a thousand times the diameter of the sun if I had my passport if I have had my passport if I had had my passport 42

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in home on home at home 25.

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much many long 13
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were seeing have seen saw 48
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Does Do Are 40