Arthur's flashbacks from the war are getting worse, and during one, he kills a boy during sparring What's on Netflix is a unofficial fansite for Netflix
Knight is brilliant, thank you for writing this climatic on the edge of my seat film We expect to see new episodes premiere on the streamer in mid-2021 maybe May? Whether the deceased cast members including Annabelle Wallis who plays Grace Shelby will return in some form is yet to be seen

When Does 'Peaky Blinders 'Season 6 Premiere? Details Are Already Leaking

We assume The Billy Boys will still be playing a strong role too.

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The Peaky Blinders, led by Danny, spring Freddie from jail
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Alfie gets Arthur out of prison
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The Peaky Blinders begin to tunnel underneath their mansion
However, Danny's death is faked and he goes to London on a special assignment The Shelbys receive news that their father has died and Tommy announces the plan to his brothers: they will have been hired to provide the Russians with weapons for a rebellion stolen from a train and will, in turn, be paid in jewels but, believing the Russians will betray him, Tommy plans to break into their vault
Tommy hires Lizzie as his secretary Major Campbell's men from Northern Ireland, members of the , kidnap Tommy and take him to an empty field while Aunt Polly meets with Major Campbell and shoots him

Peaky Blinders on Netflix: cancelled or season 6? (release date)

Tommy hires May Carleton to train his horse.

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Tommy is let go with a message from Winston Churchill promising future contact
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Peaky Blinders Season 6 filming to start in 2020, Production to shift from Liverpool to Manchester
Tommy then shoots Alfie and proceeds to take his holiday