Turn on location• Open settings app On your phone or tablet, open the Settings app
In the top right, tap More• Tap Location Tap Mode and then High accuracy

موعد صلاة العيد في جدة 2021/1442


اوقات الصلاه في جدة
To give Safari access to your location, tap Allow or OK• Tap Location
مواعيد الصلاه في جده
You will see a message that says "This will reset your location and privacy settings to factory defaults
متى موعد صلاة عيد الفطر في جدة 1442 وتوقيت صلاة العيد في جميع المدن السعودية 2021
• If you are using a browser other than Safari, visit your browser's help center by visiting their website
Open Safari• Turn on location• At the top, switch location on To give IslamicFinder access to your location, tap OK• Under "Allow Location Access," tap While Using the app
Under "Advanced", tap Site Settings• If you still get an error when you open IslamicFinder, follow the step 2 Open Settings app

مواقيت الصلاة جدة

Open in your mobile browser and refresh the web page• If prompted, enter your passcode.

مواقيت الصلاة جدة
Go to• " Tap Reset Settings
مواعيد الصلاه في جده
Open Chrome• Tap Settings
موعد صلاة العيد في جدة 2021/1442
If you see a toggle, make sure it turned on and blue