php? php? In those days in Mecca everywhere was the talk of this matter php? php? So Meccans take this victory as a way to mock and ridicule that just as the People of Book who believe in were defeated by Persians same, you were also come to your end by our hands and also that now soon they will get their brats back who were in refuge in Abassinya
php? php? php? php? php? php? In the nearer land; and they, after their defeat, will overcome This root occurs 31 times in the Quran, in five derived forms


Miracle Of Universal Application Fifth if we consider the entire , even then these verses should prove right in the same way.

سورة الروم مكتوبة كاملة بالتشكيل
php? php? php? php? php? But on the face of it, the initial defeat of the Romans Byzantine Empire had much impact on Arabia
أم تفاسير سورة الروم المتقلبة
php? php? php? And on that day the believers will rejoice
غلبت الروم، أدنى الأرض, الفرس والروم, الروم والفرس, الإعجاز العلمي
php? php? Even if this is the meaning, the miracle of Quran is that the verses do not loose meaning and foretelling of future as in this case even by change of vowels both meanings have proved right by history as now in this case the first part is actually mentioning the victory of Romans and defeat of Persians in 627AD and then history proves that soon after their victory over Persians within few years, Romans got defeated by Muslims
php? php? Although the Persians were victorious during the first stages of the war, capturing much of the Egypt, Levant and even Anatolia
Surah Rum 30:1-4 Historical Background The Surah starts with a precise prediction that although the Romans have been defeated, but within a few years, they will again become victorious Within a few years

Quran’s Prediction Of Victory Of Romans

php? php? php? php? php? These were the days when and his early followers were under severe persecution, and few of them took refuge in the nearby country of Abyssinia which was a Christian country and an ally of Romans.

اين غلبت الروم
php? php? php? php? php? ; Within reach, Present life or world
قصة غُلِبَتِ الرُّومُ
php? php? php? php? The only thing that comes in mind immediately is whether this planet Earth fulfills the verdict of verse 2 of this Surah
اين غلبت الروم
The verb is third person feminine singular