If you have not tried their French toast, we advise you to add salted caramel sauce with a Spanish latte and you will not regret it UBC Museum of Anthropology
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افضل فرنش توست بالرياض

Shots? Currently, they have more than two branches in Riyadh, the first in Jerusalem and the second in.

افضل فرنش توست بالرياض
the atmosphere is great and it also provides outdoor seating for customers
خط كوفي
ديرياسي كافيه
And if you like dates and pecan tart, then make sure Shots is your destination to go to
Shots A new cafe with a trial opening met with acceptance and admiration from its visitors and achieved a reputation in a very short time of its opening Arrow This cafe is small and cozy, perfect for a quiet time
Their location: : 4pm-11pm? British Museum

مخبز وكافيه سورس


منيو مخبز وكوفي سورس (الاسعار +المنيو + الموقع)
SORS This cafe has a lot of varieties, starting with the ice cream and the French toast that was famous because of it, passing through the bakery and coffee section and ending with the light food
افضل فرنش توست بالرياض
Fabrica De Cafe This cafe pays attention to the smallest details, starting with the shape and size of cups for decoration, the menu, and everyone agrees that their cold brew is delicious and of good quality
خط كوفي
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