Foreign interference Further information: and U November 12, 2020
While Donald Trump privately acknowledged the outcome of the presidential election, he nonetheless encouraged his legal team to continue pursuing legal challenges Foran, Clare; Herb, Jeremy; Mattingly, Phil; Raju, Manu January 6, 2021

2020 United States presidential election

On November 9 and 10, called the offices of top election officials in every state; all 45 of those who responded said there was no evidence of fraud.

However, on January 7, 2021, one day after the violent Capitol attack and two months after Biden's victory was declared, Trump acknowledged the incoming administration without mentioning Biden's name in a video posted to
Mannino, Gabrielle September 22, 2020
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Trump announced plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, calling it "too expensive", but has not said what would replace it
Biden advocated for expansion of federal funding, including funding under the for testing, personal protective equipment, and research Retrieved April 26, 2020
In Arizona, where Biden's lead was shrinking as more results were reported, the pro-Trump protesters mostly demanded that all remaining votes be counted, while in Michigan and Pennsylvania, where Trump's lead shrank and disappeared altogether as more results were reported, they called for the count to be stopped Excess of Democracy


In it, author attributes Obama's 2008 win to young people, people of color, and the college educated.

He then invited members of the Michigan state legislature to the White House, where they declined his suggestion that they choose a new slate of electors
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secured the with as her running mate, and secured the with as his running mate
2020 United States presidential election
Attorney General and officials in each of the 50 states found no evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities in the election